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Join us and live the Live Outdoor lifestyle, where every moment tells a story. Dive into our signature FireStorm® series, meticulously designed to enhance your outdoor adventures. Whether you're camping under the stars or hosting a backyard gathering, Live Outdoor has the perfect companion for you.

Discover the FireStorm® Series:


Experience exceptional quality and endless adventure with Live Outdoor's FireStorm® series. Designed and manufactured in Colorado, theFireStorm® series offers unparalleled performance and versatility for outdoor enthusiasts. Available in three sizes, each FireStorm® propane fire pit promises a remarkable outdoor experience.

Word on the Mountain:


The FireStorm® portable gas fire pit is making waves in the outdoor community. Perfect for safe campfires, it delivers 24-inch tall flames and breaks down  for easy transport. Say goodbye to smoke-filled camping trips and hello to the convenience of the FireStorm® propane fire pit from Live Outdoor.



About Us: Live Outdoor's Mission & Vision:


Live Outdoor, a family-owned business based in Colorado, is dedicated to offering high-quality, American-made fire pit products. Our mission is to be the centerpiece for outdoor gatherings and the go-to companion for outdoor adventures. With a vision to redefine outdoor living, we strive to create products that foster a connection to nature and each other.

Why Choose FireStorm®?

The FireStorm® propane fire pit will revolutionize your outdoor fire pit experiences. Powered by the fuel-efficient CROSSFIRE burner, it sets up in a flash and quickly breaks down to fit in the complimentary carry bag.. The FireStorm delivers a beautiful, full flame. The clean, eco-friendly propane emits 99% fewer pollutants than burning wood - No Smoke, No Ash, No Trash. The FireStorm will deliver outstanding performance and peace of mind for you, your family, and the environment.

Elevate Your Outdoor Experience:


Ready to elevate your outdoor experience? Whether you're roasting marshmallows with loved ones or enjoying a beautiful  night under the stars, the FireStorm® propane fire pit from Live Outdoor enhances every moment. With free shipping on orders over $100 and proudly made in America, it's time to bring the FireStorm® to your next outdoor adventure.



Bring the FireStorm® to Your Outdoor Adventures:


Experience the ultimate in outdoor living with Live Outdoor's FireStorm® propane fire pit. Shop now and elevate your outdoor adventures. Join us in redefining outdoor living – wherever you live.

Shop now and bring the FireStorm® to your outdoor adventures. Visit Live Outdoor today and experience the ultimate in outdoor living.