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Live Outdoor is a family-owned business based in Colorado, founded by the leaders in outdoor fire - Warming Trends®. Our mission is to offer high-quality, American-made fire pit products. The FireStorm®, designed and manufactured in Colorado, is our first step in this journey.


Our mission is to be your centerpiece for outdoor gatherings and go-to companion for outdoor adventures.


Our vision is to redefine outdoor living with high-quality, reliable and safe gas fire features that foster a connection to nature and each other. We are inspired, by our customers and environment, to design products that create a remarkable outdoor experience. We strive to serve both.

Firestorm®, the ultimate

Propane Fire Pit.

It’s time to level up and revolutionize your portable outdoor fire pit experience with Firestorm®. Modular, packable, and powered by the CROSSFIRE® burner, the Firestorm® sets up in a flash and delivers a beautiful, full flame that easily adjusts to fit your mood with a simple turn of the control knob. No smoke, no ash, no trash – the Firestorm® is the most fuel-efficient fire pit on the market and runs off eco-friendly propane, which emits 99% less pollutants than burning wood. With two safety shut-offs, the Firestorm® also allows you to create an exceptional outdoor experience while keeping your family, friends, and the environment safe. With unparalleled performance, safety, and convenience, the Firestorm® is the perfect portable propane fire pit to “bring the fire” to your next outdoor event. Go Live Outdoor – Wherever You Live.