FIRESTORM® Portable Propane Fire Pit FAQs

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How much does the FIRESTORM Series I weigh?

About 26 pounds

What size is FIRESTORM Series I?

The FIRESTORM Series I is 12”W x 12”L x17.5”H

Does the FIRESTORM come with any accessories?

Yes! Your FIRESTORM comes with a free custom carry bag and 10’ quick-connect regulator hose to attach to your propane tank. Stay tuned for more FIRESTORM accessories to come.

What’s the burn time of the FIRESTORM on a full 20 lb. propane tank?

With the Control Knob set between 50% to 100%, the FIRESTORM will run between 6.5 and 13 hours.

Will it connect to smaller propane tanks?

Yes! The quick-connect hose that comes with your FIRESTORM can be used with 10 lb. and 5 lb. propane tanks.

Will my FIRESTORM work with my RV’s propane tank?

Yes. The quick-connect hose that comes with your FIRESTORM is compatible with RV propane tanks.

Does it have a warranty?

Yes! The FIRESTORM comes with a three-year warranty.

How tall is the flame?

The flame is fully adjustable with the Control Knob. The FIRESTORM can produce flames of 24 inches or more when turned all the way up.

How long does it take to set up?
The FIRESTORM sets up in about 3 minutes. Check out our set up video to see how easy it is.
What is the cool down time?

Approximately 20 minutes.

How to light?

You will need a lighter to light the FIRESTORM. Then, simply follow the instructions on the hang tag on your FIRESTORM to light it.

How do I shut off my FIRESTORM?

Simply turn the Control Knob to the OFF Position.

What happens if FIRESTORM is knocked or tips over?

The internal safety shut off will immediately shut the burner off. You can then put your FIRESTORM in the upright position and relight it.

Can I put media in my FIRESTORM?

Yes, fire rated lava rock and rolled lava can be used with the FIRESTORM. Fire rated glass media is not recommended for use with the FIRESTORM as pieces of glass can fall into and become lodged in the burner box. River rocks or any other non-fire rated media cannot be used with the FIRESTORM, as it may explode causing serious injury or death. Exploding media could also cause damage to the FIRESTORM and nearby property.

Where is it made?

THE FIRESTORM is proudly made in Colorado, USA.

Do you have a cooktop?

Not yet but stay tuned for the FIRESTORM griddle!

Can I roast marshmallows or other food over the FIRESTORM?

Of course. However, do be cautious of grease or any other food dripping onto the burner jets – this could cause the jets to become clogged and affect the performance of your FIRESTORM.

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