The Live Outdoor FIRESTORM® Comes in Three Sizes index
The Live Outdoor FIRESTORM propane fire pit is a collapsible solution perfect for campers or adventurers alike to incorporate into their gear setup. The fire pit maintains a simple yet powerful functionality that's achieved with four durable wall pieces and a burner in the middle, while the gas hose is fed out of the bottom. The unit comes in the Series I, Series II and Series III size options to choose from, which are each equipped with a tip over sensor to automatically cut the gas to prevent avoidable accidents.

The Live Outdoor FIRESTORM propane fire pit is constructed out of powder-coated steel for durability and comes with a carrying bag to further increase portability. The fire pit is priced ranging from $799 to $1,159.
Trend Themes
1. Collapsible Propane Fire Pits - This trend of collapsible propane fire pits offers convenient and portable outdoor fire options.
2. Campers and Adventurers - The Live Outdoor FIRESTORM propane fire pit is specifically designed for campers and adventurers looking for a compact and functional solution.
3. Safety Features - The inclusion of a tip over sensor in the Live Outdoor FIRESTORM propane fire pit addresses safety concerns and prevents accidents.
Industry Implications
1. Outdoor Gear - The Live Outdoor FIRESTORM propane fire pit caters to the outdoor gear industry with its collapsible design and portability.
2. Camping Equipment - The collapsible propane fire pits are a disruptive innovation opportunity in the camping equipment sector, offering a compact and efficient fire solution.
3. Home Safety - The incorporation of safety features like the tip over sensor in propane fire pits can be applied to the home safety industry, providing an additional layer of protection.