Experience Smoke-Free Camping with Live Outdoor’s Firestorm® Propane F index

The spirit of the outdoors can't truly be savored without the warmth of a blazing fire. Yet, the constraints of camping and the seasonal restrictions on open fires can make this quintessential experience a challenging affair. Cue in the Firestorm. The epitome of portable convenience and the crown jewel from the innovative startup Live Outdoor, the Firestorm is set to redefine your camping experience.

Picture this, a gas fire pit that defies the norms of bulkiness, morphing instead into a compact entity. The Firestorm is every camper's dream, folding into a neatly stowable collection of components that then expand to become a mesmerizingly controlled fire tower within minutes. Gone are the days of unwieldy gas pits that were fit only for large RVs or trucks; now even your everyday crossover or compact vehicle has room to bring the warmth of a campfire along for the ride.

A semi-rectangular marvel – or more accurately, an inverted trapezoidal prism, the Firestorm disassembles into four side panels and a burner. This means, you no longer have to puzzle over where to place this rectangular fire pit in a car already packed to the brim with camping gear. The Firestorm can fit right inside your gear boxes, making it a revolution in packable convenience.

Now, let's talk about how the Firestorm bypasses the annoying challenges of traditional firewood. This beauty runs on propane, cleverly circumventing wood fire bans, as long as propane fires are permitted. No more coughing fits or watery eyes from acrid smoke, nor fretting over a change in wind direction. With a propane fire pit, you get a clean, user-friendly flame that keeps the essence of a campfire alive without the accompanying nuisances.

The construction of the Firestorm seems to be well thought-out too. Four powder-coated steel walls connect seamlessly with integrated clips, topped by a gas burner that drops in easily. Once set up, you're rewarded with a flame that can reach up to 2 feet high, creating an impressive display that's adjustable to your liking. Safety, of course, is paramount – a tip-over sensor system ensures that the flame is promptly extinguished should the Firestorm topple.

There is no denying the brilliance of this gas fire pit. Yet, the reality of its cost is something to consider. With prices ranging from $799 to $1,159, it's a steep leap from other options like the Ignik FireCan or Ukiah's portable fire pits, which start from $200 and $229 respectively. Yes, the Firestorm does offer a more dramatic flame and an ingenious collapsible design, but the price tag might give pause to some.

On balance though, the Firestorm is more than just a gas fire pit. It's an outdoor experience enhancer. Quick to assemble and easy to store, with a virtually smokeless flame that respects our environment while delivering a powerful heat output – it seems like a game-changer. Add to this the reliable American manufacturing, durable steel and brass construction, and the peace of mind provided by its safety features, and you've got a solid contender.

So, is it worth the investment? If you're an avid outdoor enthusiast and the price doesn't phase you, then this brilliant piece of kit might just be your next camping essential. The Firestorm, with its captivating flame and ease of use, could very well bring a touch of comfort and modern convenience to your wilderness retreats.

  1. Portability: The Firestorm collapses into several components, making it highly portable and easy to carry, even in smaller vehicles.
  2. Versatility: Its semi-rectangular design allows it to fit comfortably within most storage configurations.
  3. Compliance with Fire Bans: The Firestorm utilizes propane, making it a viable option during wood fire bans, provided propane fires are permitted.
  4. Smoke-Free Experience: Propane fire pits like the Firestorm offer a cleaner, less finicky flame, eliminating the heavy smoke associated with traditional wood fires.
  5. Adjustable Flame: With the Firestorm, you can control the intensity of the flame with ease, thanks to the provided dial.
  6. Safety Features: The Firestorm comes equipped with a tip-over sensor system that extinguishes the flame should the unit fall over, providing an added layer of safety.
  7. Durable Construction: The Firestorm is made from steel and brass, ensuring a sturdy build meant to last.


  1. Price: Ranging from $799 to $1,159, the Firestorm is significantly pricier than other similar products on the market, such as the Ignik FireCan and Ukiah's portable fire pits.
  2. Size of Flame: Despite the visual appeal of a high flame, the intensity may be too much for those seeking a more gentle fire experience.
  3. Dependence on Propane: As a propane-powered unit, the Firestorm is reliant on a steady supply of propane which could be an additional cost and logistical consideration for users.
  4. Assembly Required: While the Firestorm's assembly process is designed to be straightforward, it might still prove challenging for some users, particularly in low-light or challenging outdoor conditions.