Firestorm® Portable gas Fire pit is Perfect for Safe Campfires – Live Outdoor index

With summer almost over, people are excited to welcome fall, the season of campfires, pumpkin lattes, and holidays. As the weather turns pleasant, people begin to venture out to enjoy nature and light up campfires to keep warm if the temperature drops. Usually, these campfires are created in dug-up holes in the ground, which can also help cook food in the great outdoors and raise the risk of starting wildfires. The brand new Firestorm by startup Live Outdoor is a collapsible, portable gas fire pit designed especially to provide safe outdoor fires.

The Firestorm is easy to assemble and operate, prepares food safely and conveniently, and avoids the risk of fire both outside and inside. It is a compact and portable fire pit, which means you do not have to spare much room in your bag when you are going camping.  

Reaching up to 24 inches high, the Firestorm provides stunning flames by adjusting the precision control knob to make it roar, gentle or mesmerizing. It also emits 99 percent less pollutants than wood-burning fire. It is designed to be virtually smokeless to enjoy beautiful weather.

Moreover, it is equipped with a unique tip-over-sensor, which automatically extinguishes the flame if the unit is accidentally tipped or knocked over. So there is no chance of starting an out-of-control inferno.

The durable construction of Firestorm and its unmatched semi-rectangular design – an inverted trapezoidal prism – breaks down into four flat panels. Each rectangular panel can be stacked on top of the other. It comes with integrated steel clips connected to an LPG cylinder and an adjustable dial for fire intensity.

The rectangular panels come in three different series. Each unit includes a Firestorm fire pit, a carry bag, and a quick-connect regulator hose. You can procure this first-of-its-kind fire pit for $799.

Image: Live Outdoor