Live Outdoor Firestorm® Propane Fire Pit Makes 24-Inch Tall Flames And index

There was a time when portable propane fire pits were large and bulky contraptions that were downright awkward to transport, making them difficult to bring along on anything other than a truck or an RV. With wood fire bans coming down on plenty of places, there’s been a real need for more portable options in propane fire pits and that’s exactly what the Live Outdoor Firestorm delivers.

A collapsible fire pit, this thing can collapse into a tidy pile that should be easy enough to squeeze inside the boot of any car. It does that while offering a powerful burner, too, allowing you to produce a big enough fire to keep the camp toasty while using up minimal room in your stash.

The Live Outdoor Firestorm is an erstwhile simple-looking fire pit, consisting of four walls and a burner. To use, simply assemble the walls, fold out the clips to secure them in place, and drop in the burner in the middle (it’s sized to fit snugly inside). From there, just hook up the burner to your propane tank by passing a gas hose through the bottom opening and you’re ready to get a fire going.

One of the side walls has a cutout to let you access the burner’s dial, allowing you to easily turn the fire pit on and off at will. From what we can tell, you’re supposed to turn the dial all the way to left to activate the auto-ignition, then fine-tune the dial to adjust the size of the flames. At the highest setting, the flames can supposedly go up to two feet high, so this thing should deliver toasty temperatures to the camp site. Even better, the use of propane eliminates the heavy smoke you usually get with wood fire (if you’re not using a smokeless fire pit), all while providing a cleaner, more consistent flame that you can simply sit back and enjoy, so long as you have enough gas in the tank.

The Live Outdoor Firestorm has a tip over sensor that can automatically detect any time the fire pit falls over, which automatically shuts off the valve to prevent any fire accidents. Construction is powder-coated steel for the walls, with the burner built from steel and brass parts. It comes with a carry bag that lets you transport the collapsed walls and the burner all in one place.


According to the outfit, three sizes of the fire pit will be made, namely Series I, Series II, and Series III, each of which will be available in four color choices. Price ranges from $799 to $1,159.